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Using Solidworks on a Macbook Air

Solidworks is up and running! Now that everything I need is installed, I’ll run you through my experience with using Solidworks 2013 on a Mac.  Install was pretty straight forward, and as I note…Youtube has a ton of user tutorials…

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Installing Solidworks 2013 on a Macbook

This Macbook Air is really something! My updates I figured would be coming on a daily basis, but like with any new toy…I wanted to play with it first. The Solidworks 2013 install went fine.  There’s no need to bore…

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Macbook Air has arrived! Let’s install Windows 7 Pro

Although most of you are interested specifically in running Solidworks on a Mac, which is exactly was set me down this path, I figured regular posts about even setting up the machine would be good. the Macbook Air, 13″, arrived…

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13″ MacBook Air, i7 8GB RAM 256SSD ordered!

After much argument at work as to why a Macbook is just as capable a machine to run Solidworks on, I finally have one on order. I figured I would wait until the new Haswell chips were offered in the…

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Ultrabook options for running Solidworks

So I am due for a new machine at work.  The Asus that I have been running with over the last couple years has been holding up, but battery life is quickly fading.  I can barely get through a 60…

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