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Making a Mavericks USB Boot Stick

Stripped Clean and needing sanitizer I recently acquired a couple late 2009 iMacs, for a great price, to be repurposed for website development work…like this site.  These machines were being sold off from a local college,and the hard drive wiped…

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Solidworks Performance on the 2013 MacBook Air

Assessing SW2013 Performance on a Macbook While looking to install PDM works, to start managing the pile of parts and drawings I have been working on, I ran across the Solidworks performance test in my Start Menu.  I can go…

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5 months in, and no real issues

Geez, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 months having this machine.  I guess if there were more operational issues, i would be writing more articles. As many of you may have found, there were/are installation issues with putting Windows…

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3 Tips to Optimize Windows 7 Settings for the Macbook

How to Improve your Windows 7 Experience When installing Solidworks 2013 on one of these ultra portable Macbook Air machines, I knew there might be less than desired performance due to the lower horsepower Haswell i7 processor.  Sure the graphics…

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Assemblies in SW2013 on a Macbook

Using a Macbook Air for Solidworks Assemblies Early comments ask how large assemblies might work with the Macbook i7 Processor.  I too was curious, so when I saw Apple was looking to add the new Haswell chip to their Air…

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