Installing Solidworks 2013 on a Macbook

This Macbook Air is really something!

My updates I figured would be coming on a daily basis, but like with any new toy…I wanted to play with it first.

The Solidworks 2013 install went fine.  There’s no need to bore you with the details there as if you have ever installed on a PC, it’s exactly the same.  You install Windows on a Mac, and it’s a Windows machine.

I installed Solidworks two ways, first from a disk and external drive…and then from a disk image .iso file I stored on the desktop.  Why two ways?  Let’s say I had a little time to kill.

Installing Solidworks 2013 via DVD

Pretty straight forward.  You plug your external DVD into one of your few USB 3.0 ports and let the drive run up in speed.  Enter your license numbers and when the installation connects to verify your Solidworks key, there will be a new version to install.  This is exactly what happened to me and I got stuck waiting for a good hour downloading the new updates before the installation was complete.  Yes, our internet connection sucks, but I figure it’s due to timing my install right near lunchtime when everyone needs their streaming sports or Facebook fix.  Youtube viral videos aren’t going to help matters either, and our IT department isn’t evolved enough to start blocking websites in an effort to improve productivity while decreasing morale.  Certainly that day will come…maybe before upgrading to Solidworks 2014…maybe.

Installing SW2013 via .iso

i know there has to be better virtual DVD drive programs out there, maybe with less crapware, but I have been using Virtual CloneDrive.  Maybe it’s the angry sheep logo that got me, or the CNET reviews.  It works, but be wary of the extra software on install.  I wanted to keep this machine clean, and quickly found the need to scrub cheap looking games from my programs folder.

install solidworks from iso

With install of one of these virtual drives, the .iso image of your Solidworks DVD is instantly recognized and ready to launch.  There are already enough videos out there on  installing Solidworks 2013, so I’ll just leave you with a link for that.  Instead of checking out more of those hilarious featured Youtube videos, spend a little time learning about a SW install.

Installing Additional Solidworks Software

Call this a work in progress.

I had the option of installing some of the additional modules that Solidworks offers, but held off for now.  I wanted to save a bit of space, and don’t have any experience with Solidworks Motion or Flow Simulation yet…but if that is your interest and you know what you’re doing with each of advanced programs, by all means leave a little feedback with your experience in the comments section below.

Maybe that extra feedback will force me into learning something new, instead of just being a CAD monkey.  If you have suggestions for another virtual DVD drive program, I am all ears.  Finally, you don’t need the external DVD drive.  I don’t think I will be cracking that thing out again.  Good thing it was only 30 bucks.  Next update will be all about Solidworks 2013 in action on a Macbook Air.


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One Response to Installing Solidworks 2013 on a Macbook

  1. gili says:


    Thanks for the comments before. I’m curious regarding the size of assemblies that solid can cope with on the Air. Is it really lagging os is it ok? I will be also glad to see that comparing test between the your MBA and rMBP 13. It is really a tough call to decide at the moment..

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