Ultrabook options for running Solidworks

So I am due for a new machine at work.  The Asus that I have been running with over the last couple years has been holding up, but battery life is quickly fading.  I can barely get through a 60 minute meeting without fumbling for a power cord.  The dedicated graphics card in the machine never really gave me decent surfaces, and when getting complex models loaded up… i started getting used to the regular crashing.  Boosting the RAM to 8 gigs seemed to alleviate the crashing issue, but definitely not the battery life.

More to come…


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2 Responses to Ultrabook options for running Solidworks

  1. Todd says:

    Hello Gordon – Thanks for documenting your Mac -Solidworks adventure so thoroughly, very useful. I read you had ordered a 3-button mouse but could not find your review of it’s performance. Can you share if it mimics the 3-button mouse capabilities on a PC? – Thanks – Todd.

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